FIBROMYALGIA for the Rich, Poor, Famous and maybe You.

Talk about “coming out”. Lady Gaga announced she had to enter a hospital and cancel a number of future engagements due to severe body pain and fatigue that has been diagnosed as Fibromyalgia. She was very positive but she had no time schedule as to when she might be able to return to a regular schedule of work. If you have Fibromyalgia or know of someone who has this disease you know that this debilitating condition can literally change your life’s ability to function in a normal fashion. Hopefully Lady Gaga will not be just drugged up to be able to perform. I’ve already had some patients and marketing individuals try to send her information on my almost 30 years of working with Fibromyalgia patients. This just goes to prove that whoever you are if you are genetically tagged for Fibromyalgia it can be triggered by any physical, emotional or chemical stress. As a high intense performer I’m sure Lady Gaga has had many stressful moments. Regardless of an individuals position we should all be praying for Lady Gaga’s health.

A number of years ago an individual in the entertainment business told me that he new of a number of performers that had Fibromyalgia but were afraid to “come out” because even years ago this condition meant that their ability to work, be on time, remember their lines or just be functional was compromised by their Fibromyalgia condition. If you are performer and you are causing production to lag due to your illness that’s causing a money loss for the investors you might be labeled as not reliable. That could mean the end of your career. For many of you who are suffering with Fibromyalgia it has already meant the loss of your job, spouse and a normally functioning life that you once new.

In almost 30 years working with Fibromyalgia patients I have had almost every manner of individual including rich, poor, famous, females, males and children and the common thread is the loss of the life they once new. Do not give up hope. We have successfully helped those who have followed our protocol. Getting back to the life you once new is what we help you achieve.

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Woman’s Day Article Validating What We’ve Been Preaching

On a recent visit to Barnes and Noble book store with my wife, she picked up a magazine, Woman’s Day, to peruse. I was involved in other literature. As I was sitting enjoying an iced tea and reading a magazine my wife plopped down her magazine in front of me and suggested I read an article she had found. The name of the article was “When the Pain Won’t Go Away”. The article was on Fibromyalgia and was very close to what we have been preaching for many years.

The article included the usual explanation of how difficult it is for doctors to diagnose Fibromyalgia due to any unreliable tests. As we have preached the condition is triggered by some physical or emotional trauma. The ongoing problem of pain leads to chronic long term painful symptoms. Diagnosis is from painful symptoms that last for longer than 3 months and the condition is further complicated by fatigue, brain fog and coexisting health problems such as irritable bowel syndrome, osteoarthritis, headaches and many other conditions.

As we have preached medications don’t seem to help. The article mentions antidepressants sometimes reduces pain. We find most medications have side effects that mimic the same symptoms Fibromyalgia patients suffer with. Finally it was mentioned that an anti inflammatory diet( cutting out dairy, gluten, sugar, trans fatty acids) filled with fruits, vegetables and fish is definitely a pain reliever that allows the patient to sleep.

We do not agree that stressful exercise reduces pain for Fibromyalgics since most of our patients can barely get out of bed. However, activity such as walking, stretching, eating as mentioned a healthy diet are all an important part of our treatment protocol.

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