I’ve received a number of responses from people who have taken the time to explain the successful answers for their Fibromyalgia condition. I’m very happy that your symptoms are reduced or gone. If you have found a way to return to health either for yourself or a family member that is a wonderful thing. Having a condition like Fibromyalgia destroys your will to live. The pain and the many symptoms that go along with Fibromyagia are to many to name. As I have mentioned in my blogs I can only imagine what a Fibromyalgia patient goes through on a day to day basis.

Regardless of what herbal remedy or concoction that works for you the end product of no pain and symptoms is what is important. So, why haven’t I jumped on one of these remedy band wagons? After almost 30 years of working with patients on our Fibromyalgia treatment program I have seen the long term results in so many patients. The key to our program is that it is the only one proven by research to attack the condition and by that the symptoms are also reduced or eliminated. This is important because in all my years of working with this condition no one only has Fibromyalgia. ALL Fibromyalgia patients have at least one if not more conditions that are affected by Fibromyalgia. You’ve heard this before from me. Fibromyalgia makes all those other conditions and their symptoms worse. As a medical health professional I always believe in finding and treating the condition and then the symptoms will disappear.

If you have been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia you will try anything that will give you relief quickly. I cannot question anyone on that. The proof in what program you are using will be in whether or not it will have long term positive effects.

Time for a National Fibromyalgia Conference Again!

Happy summer everyone. For Arizona citizens it is an extreme hot one which definitely affects those who suffer with Fibromyalgia. We are all looking forward to the cooler more comfortable days. For this summer a group of us are organizing a National Fibromyalgia Conference/Convention in Phoenix In November. We already have Dr. St.Amand and Claudia Marek as presenters. There are a number of groups including Fibromyalgia and other health organizations that will be working on this event. We will have other competent speakers with up to date research at this event.

We would like to know if you would be interested in such an event that would include both patients and doctors in attendance. There will be CEU’s for doctors that attend. The last one 17 years ago was a huge success.

It has been 17 years since there was a Fibromyalgia Conference/Convention in Arizona. In 2000 Dr. R. Paul St. Amand, who wrote the first book on Fibromyalgia, was invited by a Fibromyalgia group to Arizona to introduce and explain his very successful treatment protocol. I was fortune enough to have received an invitation by post card. At that time I was lost as a doctor attempting to treat Fibromalgia patients. I had tried everything at my professional disposal as a doctor of chiropractic. Treatments included chiropractic, acupuncture, physiotherapy modalities, cold laser, supplements, etc. with minimal positive response. To be honest I was about to give up attempting to treat this condition. Professionally I refuse to treat patients that I cannot successfully find answers to their problem.

I didn’t know who this doctor St.Amand was or how he treated Fibromyalgia patients. I’m a natural medical skeptic and when I received this invitation I had more than a few doubts. I decided to attend to see who this doctor was and what was involved in his treatment. To my surprise the conference was attended by both doctors and patients and many family members. Thousands of people attended this conference at a major resort in Phoenix. Patients and doctors were from all over the world. The first day I decided to visit with patients to find out who this doctor was and what his protocol involved. Many patients had stories about being bed ridden, in walkers, wheel chairs, unable to work or function prior to starting his program. Now they were able to function pain free as long as they stayed on the program and kept taking something called “guaifenesin”. I had to meet this doctor and find out about this protocol.

Dr. St. Amand and his staff especially Claudia Marek, president of his Fibromyalgia Research Center in California, were more than gracious with me and many of the doctors explaining his program, how it work and how to assist patients in following through for a successful completion. I immediately incorporated his program into my treatment of my Fibromyalgia patients. Except for my adding a pre-protocol detox program for a faster patient response the initial protocol is the same. For the past 17 years I have been able to introduce to my patients a protocol to treat the Fibromyalgia condition along with the symptoms successfully for those that follow the program.

If you would be interested in this Conference/Convention let us know through this blog or e-mail me at

Knowledge through Education!